The photo was taken in the Estonian capital Tallinn (then Reval) in 1900 when Gotthilf Traugott Hahn served as a clergyman for the Oleviste congregation.

The photo was taken in 1917 in Tartu (then Jurjev) by photographer Carl Schulz. At that time, Hahn worked as a pastor of the congregation of the University of Tartu.

Gotthilf Traugott Hahn

Studied at the University of Tartu and at Göttingen University’s Faculty of Theology. 1899-1902 served as a clergyman for the Oleviste congregation in Tallinn and 1902-1919 for the congregation of the University of Tartu. From 1908 worked as a professor of practical theology at the University of Tartu.

On 22 Dec. 1918 Tartu fell into the hands of the Red Army. Pastors Wilhelm Schwartz and Traugott Hahn had consciously stayed with their congregations.

The holding of worship services and any official religious observance were banned in the city. Shortly afterwards, the clerics were ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

About 500 people were arrested in the city and placed in the basement of Tartu's Credit Bank, among them several clerics. On 28 Dec., Hahn gave his last sermon, after which he was also arrested.

Prisoners were treated humiliatingly. Hahn and Platon were ordered to clean dry toilets with their bare hands. Despite the suffering, the clergy continued to have the strength to encourage their fellow prisoners by holding symbolic sermons in their cell.

On 14 Jan., before the liberation of Tartu, the Bolsheviks executed 20 prisoners, including Prof. Hahn.

Hahn’s widow Anny wrote of his martyrdom and made it famous in Germany.